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Pano5plus1 for GoPro 360度攝影支架


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Pano5plus1 for GoPro 05


The Pano5+1 is a panoramic photography head for GoPro camera. With the two carefully designed intersected cradles, it enables the users to achieve accurate and easy-to-stitch panoramic compositions in minutes. Its flexible base mount can be mounted on both 1/4″ and 3/8″ thread tripod, or even a PET beverage bottle instead to set up an unobtrusive support.


Pano5plus1 for GoPro 04—> Click to see our sample panoramas captured with Pano5+1

Compatible with:

GoPro Hero 3 White/Silver/Black
GoPro Hero 3+ Silver/Black
GoPro Hero 4 Silver/Black


Easiest camera locating achieved by two drop-in cradles

The nodal point of the lens stays fixed when camera in different positions

Two options: spherical panorama or cylindrical panorama

Compatible with 1/4″ and 3/8″ thread tripod

Availability to be fixed on kinds of beverage bottles, when with no tripod

The anodized aluminum base mount with a bubble level integrated

The one-step injection molding rotary part ensures the accuracy of the product

Non-cranebracket structure to ensure the stability of the camera

Six 12mega pixels GoPro shots add up to a super high resoulution panorama

Great performance benifits from Gopro’s manual ISO and WB

Pano5plus1 for GoPro 01

Pano5plus1 for GoPro 07

Pano5plus1 for GoPro 03

Pano5plus1 for GoPro 09

Pano5plus1 for GoPro 08

Pano5plus1 for GoPro 10

Pano5plus1 for GoPro 02

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