Toshiba Compact Flash Memory Card 1000X (R150 / W120) (32GB, 64BG, 128GB)


貨號: EW-TSB-CF-TR8A 分類: , 標籤:
  • Toshiba Compact Flash Memory Card UDMA7 1000X
  • UP to 150MB/s SPEED
  • Capture and Store High-Quality Images and Video
  • Compatible with UDMA 7 and CF devices
  • Compatible with UDMA7 and VPG-20


* UHS Speed Class 1 = minimum read and write performance of 10 MBytes/s with UHS-I interface
** Class 10 cards are fully compliant with the latest SD Association specifications. We guarantee a minimum write and read speed of 10 MB/s.
*** Read and write speed may vary depending on user specifications such as device used and file size read or written.

重量1 kg

128 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB


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