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Radius Pure Standard Series in-ear headphones – HP-NHR21


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High-MFD structure to improve the sensitivity and tonal quality
The magnetic flux density strengthened by an additional front magnet to achieve increased sensitivity about 4dB.The transient response has been also improved to deliver crisp sound quality.


The Bass port structure implemented, that increase the energy of the low frequency and optimize the operation of the diaphragm to convey the solid bass sound.
A nylon braid cable jacket, 2.0mm diameter, used for both the fine texture and functionality.
Newly designed Deep Mount earpiece. Its’ unique shape provide tight fit to the ear canals providing a rich bass reproduction.


New driver unit provide a precise control.
Asa a result, the sound pressure level in low frequency range incresed.
Mounting position of the earpieces can be adjusted in two stages to achieve a more accurate musical reproduction without missing bass by optimizing their position.
Furthermore, while increasing the sound insulation by the secure fit to their ears, they reduce stress on the ears.
It is also recommended to use under the noisy environment such as commuting.

Main Features

Pure Standard Series in-ear headphones HP-NEF31

 Driver Type:Dynamic
Driver Size:Φ13.0mm
Output Sound Pressure Level:105dB/1mW
Frequency Range:4Hz~25000Hz
Max. Input:200mW
Connector:Φ3.5mm gold plated stereo mini plug
Cable Length:Approx. 120cm (Y Type)
Weight:Approx. 14g (includes cable)



■3 sets of ear caps (XS/S/M)
 ■User’s Manual/Warranty  


重量 0.5 kg

紅色, 黑色


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